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"An Orange a Day" Sponsored By: Pearson Ranch California Oranges

"An Orange a Day" Sponsored By: Pearson Ranch California Oranges
Sponsored by Pearson Ranch California Oranges!

Pumpkin Spice Madness

I don’t know who to blame anymore, but the whole “pumpkin spice phenomena” has gotten way out of control!  I remember as a kid, and into adulthood, how much I loved pumpkin pie. I too remember anxiously waiting every year for the release of pumpkin ice cream, which of course is only available for a limited time. It was truly something to look forward to. It was a part of my fall rituals. In fact, it was a part of me. I used to complain as to why pumpkin desserts were only made and offered in restaurants during the fall. Besides, if desserts are based solely on what’s in season, this must mean it’s always chocolate season, right? Anyway, I would often ask servers during the “off season” (if you will)… “why no pumpkin desserts?”  This would usually be answered with the response of…“oh, it isn’t pumpkin season.” To my knowledge most pumpkin desserts are made from puree that comes out of a can, which means you can get it all year long!  I don’t know who they think they are fooling with the whole, “it isn’t pumpkin season” routine, but believe me, it’s a sham! These days however, things have certainly changed. Once the calendar hits September, it officially becomes “pumpkin spice season.” And not just pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks either, NOOO…it’s pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME! I see every insane pumpkin spice flavored or scented item in every single store I walk into this time of year. O.K., I can see the flavored coffee creamers, and maybe donuts and what have you, and I’m sucker for a pumpkin spiced scented candle this time of year, as it does set that certain mood of fall. But pumpkin spiced; hot chocolate, pop corn, pudding, moon pies, trail mix, cocktail syrup, energy bars, yogurt pretzels and butter spread? Yes, I said butter spread. Oh and don’t forget about “man’s best friend.” Because now we have pumpkin spice dog treats and the new Busch (the beer maker) Pumpkin Spice Dog Brew, an alcohol-free drink for dogs made with pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and water…because of course your dog knows it’s autumn. But not to be outdone, there are now some ridiculous, non edible things on the market we can buy, like pumpkin spice body wash, and oh, where would humanity be without (drum roll please) cinnamon pumpkin spice scented garbage bags! That’s right, there’s nothing better to disguise the scent of your kitchen garbage, than that hint of cinnamon and cloves. Gaaah!!!

At this point in time, I would like to, and in the immortal words of the great baseball legend, Yogi Berra... "thank everyone who made this day necessary."  So, for all of you who have ruined a special time of year with your over indulgence and over saturation of pumpkin spice anything and everything, “thanks.” Thanks for destroying a time of year that I really used to look forward to.  Thanks for destroying a flavor that used to be my favorite.  And most importantly, a big “THANK YOU” for bringing to the market something that I am sure we probably couldn’t live without.  And that something is... pumpkin spice avocado oil caviar (yes, it’s a real thing). 😒

As always, thanks for reading my blog, and I’ll see you in the groves…unless of course I go to town to get some new pumpkin spice tires for my tractor. 

Happy Fall,🍂

-Farmer Tony