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Sponsored By: Pearson Ranch California Oranges
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Happy Oxymoron Day

Well here we are in the beginning of what I like to call the “BER” months. Early SeptemBER started the ball rolling in good fashion with the three day weekend, “Labor Day.”  For a lot of people, not a whole lot of laboring going on, after all, it is a national holiday.  That’s unless you include all the shopping, cooking, grilling and dish cleanup after all those Labor Day B-B-Q’s and get-togethers.  And of course how else did you arrive at all those get-togethers other than by traveling?  If you traveled out of town for the big three day weekend, well…that suspiciously sounds like it was a lot of work to me, especially if you were driving. Let’s review; you had to pack up the car, get everyone in the car, gas up, and then actually drive to your destination “peacefully” with the kids in the back seat, who were hopefully not causing too much mayhem (thank goodness for mobile devices).  If you were really lucky (and you probably weren’t), you didn’t have to fight all the traffic from everyone else trying not to work by traveling out of town too.  

 Now, if you opted to fly to your holiday destination of choice, well I hope it was worth all the hassle… I mean work. You had to pack your bag so it didn’t go over the weight limit (or pay excessive fees), make sure you didn’t pack any prohibited items, including bottled water, your therapy llama, and of course anything that could possibly be deemed a weapon, like a pair of nail clippers.  If you decided to fly, I hope you gave my regards to all the “grabby” TSA agents who were doing what?  What else but working?   

For those of us who don’t do a whole lot of traveling, the holiday always seems like a good time to catch up on chores around the house and the yard.  Have you tried to go to the big “home stores” like Home Depot or Lowes during Labor Day Weekend?  The parking lot is jam packed with cars and pickups hauling trailers!  The people are hitting all the big “Labor Day Sales”, buying up paint, carpet, tile, and new ceiling fans.  After all, what else screams “Labor Day” more than a new kitchen backsplash?    

 It seems to me that the Labor Day “holiday” is actually just a whole lot of work merely disguised as a day off. Perhaps a well timed Congressional hearing might be in order to look into this.  By now we’ve all heard of (for better or for worse) “fake news.”  Well I deem Labor Day a “fake holiday.”  I have a feeling that the clothing industry too has something to do with it.  Why, who else came up with the whole, “you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day” thing?  Because what else does that mean?  It means you have to go out and buy more clothes! And in my opinion, clothes shopping  in itself is indeed more work.   It’s a conspiracy I say…a good ol’ fashioned, true to life “X-File.”  Where’s  Alex Jones when you really need him?

Well whatever you believe, I hope you were able to at least get a little time off during the three day weekend.  After all, it was Labor Day, right?

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the groves (not wearing white).

Farmer Tony


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