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Farmer Tony

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Sponsored By: Pearson Ranch California Oranges
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Question Everything's been a while since my last blog posting.  I've been pretty busy as of late with several work related projects that have been taking a lot of my time, which of course are certainly nowhere near as fun and interesting as the "parade of thoughts" that go marching through my head most days.  So I recently thought, why not do a "free form, stream of consciousness" type of blog this time around? I'm calling it..."Question Everything".  I guess I currently need to question everything, because there are always so many things going on that do not make a lot of sense to me.  I am confident that my quest for knowledge will end in pretty much the same fashion as the time Geraldo Rivera asked the question..."What's hiding in Al Capone's secret vault?"  And in the end I will be none more informed than I am now.  But, at least I will have my questions out into the universe.  So, here are just a few questions that have my mind working overtime;

Question...why, after 40 years have we not gone back to the moon?  Surely by now NASA should have acquired enough frequent flyer miles to have gone back at least ONCE since Apollo 17.  Why did we spend so much time and resources going there to just decide to never go back?  Maybe you can't get a descent cup of coffee on the moon? I don't  know,  but  If that's really the case, I guess I wouldn't  go back either.  

Question...Why is it, that on new car ads on T.V. and radio that there is... "Never been a better time to buy than NOW!"  I still don't know what President's Day or the 4th of July has to do with the price of a new Toyota.   Seems to me the best time to buy a new car is when you actually have the money to buy one.  I guess it's just me. 

Question...Why do so many people STILL care about the Kardashian people? If no one cared, wouldn't they just fade away like "Beanie Babies", the high button shoe, or the dreaded N1H1 Avian Flu that was supposed to kill everyone?  Even all the different "C.S.I" T.V. shows have finally run their course.  And some of those shows  were actually entertaining.  Imagine your Facebook news feed going a whole month without any stories about  little Miss Kimmie K or the rest of the talentless, self absorbed bunch.  Too harsh?

And speaking of Facebook, why are they making it mandatory to download the messenger app on our smart phones in order to get your messages?  I guess the FB people just don't  have enough information on us already.  Maybe we could put cameras in all the rooms in our homes  ala "Big Brother", how convenient would that be Mr. Zuckerberg?  I suppose I could just "opt out" of FB altogether and not have to deal with any of it.  But then how would I know where all my friends have been, and what they are having for dinner?   Ah yes, first world problems indeed. 

But probably the biggest question running through my head these days...Why Donald Trump?  Why Hillary Clinton? Why the hell can we not find better people than these two to try and run our country?  Damn it, this is America!  A place once filled with hope and promise for the rest of the world to look up to.   In this farmer's humble opinion...not so much anymore...and certainly not if these two have anything to say about it.   If the aliens who live on other worlds are waiting for humanity  to evolve enough to a point where they feel confident,  that by making  their existence known to us and our world leaders,  that it would not end in our complete and total chaotic destruction...well,  I'm sure that just listening to a couple of minutes to both Trump and Clinton speak, has them slapping their elongated forehead with their little four fingered hand and telepathically saying to themselves... "maybe we will check back with the humans in about  another MILLION years or so!"  Too much? Not enough?  I don't know... I could do this all day, but that would lead me down the path to my final question on this particular post, who would take the time read it all?  Anyway, if you made it this far, a very "heartfelt" THANK YOU for reading.  

I'll see you in the groves...

-Farmer Tony


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