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The Matrix In Our Mind

Are we just living in a “Matrix” like computer simulation, with reality being just an illusion?  I must admit that there are days where my luck is so unbelievably bad that I would be willing to say, “Yes, this can’t be real.” “This has to be some sort of computer glitch in my system’s programming!” But as I start to buy into the whole idea that maybe I took the “red pill” and have the knowledge of what reality really is, that’s usually when I end up doing something stupid, like dropping a hot cup of coffee on my foot, and that’s about the time “reality” really kicks in!  As I’m hopping around on one foot, making up new swear words, I say to myself…”Nice job Morpheus, now go change your shoes.” With that being said, I just read an article (caution…nerd alert ahead) where an M.I.T. scientist says that, “More likely than not, we are living in a simulation.”  He also makes the claim that, “Probability says you are more likely a simulated being than a biological one.”  Now armed with only my high school diploma and a couple of years of college under my belt, obviously I am in no position to debate an M.I. T. scientist over what really constitutes “reality,” on an intellectual level.  However, life experience being what it is, has given me all the ammunition I need to know what is real and what isn’t (at least on this plain of existence). For instance, maybe in a smoke filled, Elon Musk simulated world, farming is probably more like a video game, where all you need to do is move some virtual control knobs and you are driving a tractor or watering your crops.  Maybe the farmer’s tractor dies and you hit the re-set button and you get to start over. Well, that would certainly be nice if that’s what it was really like. But in the “biological being” world, farming is its own reality that has no re-set or pause button. No way to gain “extra lives” or go into a partnership by hitting the “player 2” button. Nope, it’s a world of hard work, big bills, and lots of worrying over things you can’t control…like the weather or whether or not your well will produce enough water. How about dealing with labor issues, new annual state farming regulations or the never ending parade of taxes that the government continues to impose on agriculture…that my friends is as sobering a reality as any “red pill.”
   But alas, being that I am not an M.I.T scientist (trying to sell his book), maybe I have it all wrong. Maybe my programming has me fooled into a “false sense of outrage,” an outrage as believable as believing that the Kardashians actually have a real purpose on this planet. Maybe every time I go to the grocery store and forget the milk or slam my hand in the car door, it’s an intentional error written into my subroutine, in order to make me believe I’m a living human. Or maybe, just maybe… The Maxrtix was just a real good movie and some computer nerds who are now all growed’ up and really uber successful, decided that they were too old to keep playing video games, and took their virtual reality world to a whole new level? 
   Whatever the case, I’ll just stick to what I do know about my non simulated world, and that is…coffee is great in the morning, women and sunsets are both beautiful, my car won’t make that weird clicking noise the minute I get it to the repair shop, and the Kardashains are still pointless, no matter how many times you hit the re-set button. 

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the virtual or real groves (take your  pick).

- Tony


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