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Farmer Tony

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Send in the clowns

Ah yes, those loveable, fun loving jesters of the circus world and kiddie birthday parties everywhere…I speak of none other, than the beloved clown!  Revered as a corporate icon of a fast food mega giant corporation, brought in as entertainment as those balloon animal making magicians of fun, as well symbolizing the tragedy of human life (as in the “sad clown of life”),  it seems as if clowns are now more popular than ever.  In fact, if you are an avid watcher of the T.V. program “American Horror Story-Freak Show”, you know that the dark and very spooky character of “Twisty The Clown” has raised the bar of the world of “creepy clowns” to a whole new level, as well as adding to the show’s overall viewership. I’m not really sure what all the fascination with clowns is all about.  Maybe a good therapist could help me in this department after I disclose the fact that my parents never took me to the circus?  Too much information?  I digress.  Anyway, with the horrors of the Ebola virus causing havoc on the world stage, and the troubles in the Middle East, I suppose now more than ever we need a fun distraction that perhaps only clowns can provide us…or do we? 
From places like; the little town of Wasco (near Bakersfield) California,  Portsmouth England and now in several towns in France, we have an eerie epidemic that is causing a mild panic on the streets of the world.  Mysterious and sometimes menacing and armed clowns roving the streets at night, scaring the unfortunate souls unlucky enough to encounter these spooky, “Bozos of the Boulevard”.  What is their purpose, and why dress as clowns? My guess…too much of Stephen King’s “It”, or maybe they watched “Poltergeist” as a kid, and were terrorized by the toy clown under the bed.  Or gosh darn it, perhaps this new wave of eerie clown people just weren’t held enough as children.  Whatever the case, I think whoever it was that said “everyone loves a clown” had it wrong…oh so very wrong, especially when we are talking about clowns who hide in the shadows with baseball bats, machetes, and in at least one case, a firearm, waiting to scare and sometimes chase unsuspecting people out on the town for an evening stroll.  I guess as long as nothing bad could ever come out of these evil clown encounters, I guess there’s nothing to worry about right?  After all, they’re just clowns.  But eventually and inevitably (if the clown trend continues) we’re going to read about a clown either being injured or killed by having tried to scare the wrong person on the street. At which point it will truly be “the sad clown of life” and all the fun will be over, balloons or not.

I don’t know, which is safer;  spooky clowns with weapons on the streets chasing people down or well dressed clowns in Washington D.C., armed with our money free to do with as they choose,  since they never get around to asking “we the people” what we should do with it?  Hmmm…should we build another aircraft carrier at the cost of a billion dollars or maybe spend another $387,000 (according to the Chicago Tribune) on Swedish massage therapy for rabbits?  See what happens when you don’t get to go to the circus as a kid?  You end up never trusting clowns…big red round noses or not.  

Don’t you love farce? My fault I fear…oh well.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the groves.
-Farmer Tony


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