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Sponsored By: Pearson Ranch California Oranges
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"Eclipsing" History

Ooohhh…the excitement of a total solar eclipse! A wonder in the heavens, which at one point in history could bring whole civilizations to its knees in fear.  But alas here we are centuries away from the mystery and mysticism, with a clear scientific knowledge of these celestial events, and hopefully not a human sacrifice in sight. As we await the day that has been circled on more than just a few calendars, plans have been made to travel to locations in the direct path of the eclipse.  Starting in Oregon and traveling thru 14 states like Idaho, Missouri, Kentucky and ending (in the U.S.) in South Carolina, camping sites have long been booked, “no vacancy” notices have been placed on hotel websites for months.  Some utility companies who rely on solar power, have made contingency plans for the short period of darkness, and some states have even issued “declarations” for relief funding for aid with “cleanup” efforts and expected property damage and traffic control  from all the increased numbers of sky watchers heading out to public spaces.  The last time the U.S. has seen a total solar eclipse was 99 years ago, and no way are people planning on missing this one.    

I find it so wonderfully fascinating how even in these days of giant, mega “block buster “movies, with “A-list” celebrities, even they,  “can’t hold a candle” to the glorious “theatre” in heavens  and what is sure to be,  “the greatest show on  Earth.”  No, there are no amount of computer generated images, ultra high tech virtual reality gizmos, or even the best “blue screen” technology,  that can compare to what we can see on the never ending “bazillion” pixel screen we call…the sky.
Sure, Hollywood will always have their “big stars,” but none the size of which we will all be looking up at in awe and wonder.  It’s just a marvelous reminder that maybe we should do more “unplugging” of devices and more “plugging in” to the world and universe around us.  In my mind, the “ancients” had it right, it’s not “man” that should hold our attention, but that which (fill in the blank for your favorite) God has given to us to see and experience. Yup, history wins again.

Thank You for reading, and see you in the eclipse darkened groves.

Farmer Tony


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