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Resolve To Be Resolute

With the New Year comes everyone’s favorite lie that they tell each other, if for no more than maybe a week or two, perhaps some might it even make it a few months.  And 2019 will probably not be the exception, when we decide on our New Year’s Resolution.  Sure, there is the usual resolution to lose weight, quit smoking, be more organized, be more punctual, and of course there is always the hardest one…to save more money!  As for me, I try not to set myself up for failure with such burdens of life altering behavioral changes that I know I can’t achieve.  O.K. can’t is such a negative word, so to start the year off right, I will just be honest with myself and say, these are behavioral changes that I WON’T make.  But if I can’t or won’t make any of these changes to become a better “Farmer Tony” this year, what will I do?  Well, this year I have made a decision that I believe I can achieve.  So in 2019, I resolve to be more resolute.  The dictionary defines resolute as: admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. I believe I can do this! In fact, I thought of a few ways how.  For instance, when I want to take in some good Mexican food, I won’t just go to a Mexican restaurant and order a meal and merely pick at my plate of carnitas with rice and beans, no sir. I will purposefully add hot salsa to it, and admirably indulge in the pleasure of enjoying one of my favorite foods, and hopefully washing it down with a good Mexican beer. As far as being determined, this year I will be determined to actually write down lists of items I need before I go to the hardware store.  This way I don’t have to make my customary three trips to Home Depot before I can start working on a home improvement project. Oh sure, I end up having to go back anyway after I realize that I measured something wrong, but at least I will feel better knowing I had a list of the stuff I needed.  Now, for the being unwavering part. This one should be pretty easy.  My unwavering dislike of the whole, let’s wear our pajama pants in public thing, is something I simply can’t get over.  Alright, I get the idea of wanting to wear “comfy” clothes (why else did God invent stretchy jeans), but we as a society MUST draw the line somewhere.  I’m not saying you have to wear designer clothes in public, I am not even saying you have to wear clothes that fit properly, or even be color coordinated.  You can wear t-shirts with whatever message you want, and I can live with the whole “ripped jeans” concept, but can we please, PLEASE not wear pajama pants outside?!?  If your house is on fire, fine, you had to hurry up and get out of the house.  But barring anything other than some other reason you had to flee your home in a hurry, like being attacked by ghosts, the “pj” pants outside must end!  And in this belief, I am unwavering.  Well, I guess that’s it. I hope that your new year is filled with all good things and may all your dreams come true this year. 

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in the groves...not wearing my pajama pants.

-Farmer Tony

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